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Semi-automatic Pad Printers

If you are looking for a slightly more automated pad printing machine, then you may wish to look at our range of semi-automatic pad printing machines.

Our semi-automatic pad printing machines work by using electricity and compressed air. The loading and unloading of the product is still manual but the operation (stamping) of the machine is automatic insofar as there are not handles to pull.

Our semi-automatic pad printing machines are well made using high quality materials. They are fitted with side safety guards and an emergency safety switch for optimum safety.

Semi-automatic pad printers enable you to increase production capability significantly. Whereas, using a manual pad printer, your production rate is likely to be around 300-400 impressions per hour; with a semi-automatic pad printer, it will be around 2200 impressions per hour.

What will you pad print onto?

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PS-2 Colour

PS-55C Specifications

Single colour closed cup system
Print plate size: 80mm x 150mm
Ink cup diameter: 55mm
Printing force 254N (26kg) at 6 bar
Maximum speed: 2100 cycles per hour
Compressed air supply: 0.6MPa (6 bar)
Power supply: 230v/115v 60/50Hz 30W
Dimensions: 490mm x 260mm x 420mm
Weight: 18kg

RRP: £2599.00+VAT
Our Price: £2299.00+VAT
Your save £300.00+VAT

PS-70C Specifications

Single colour closed cup system

Printing plate size: 100 x 200mm

In cup diameter 70mm

Printing force: 420N (43kg) at 6 Bar

Maximum speed: 1800 cycles per hour

Compressed air supply: 0.6Mpa ( Bar)

Power Supply: 230v/115v 60/50Hz 40W

Dimensions: 560mm x 330mm x 530mm

Weight: 35kgs.

RRP: £3299.00+VAT
Our Price: £2899.00+VAT
Your save £400.00+VAT

PS-2 Colour Semi-Automatic
Pad Printer with Shuttle

Ink Cup Size: 70mm x 2
Supplied on a Stand - deduct £200.00 from above price if no stand required.
Optional Compressor is also required.

Open/closed ink system with shuttle, pitch 108mm
Plate Size 80 x 200 mm
Ink Cup Diameter *Ø55 mm, Ø70 mm
Max. Speed 1350 cycles/hour
Machine Dimension: L 560 x W 374 x H 530 mm
Packing Dimensions:
L 730 x W 480 x H 690 mm
Weight 42kg

RRP: £6599.00+VAT
Our Price: £5999.00+VAT
Your save £600.00+VAT


Ink Cup



‘Doctor Blade’
(Ceramic Ring)

Closed Cup System for a healthy environment

The majority of pad printing machines which we supply are of the new ‘Closed Cup’ type. Having said that, we can also supply ‘Open Inkwells’ on selected models.

Closed cup machines are considered to be environmentally-friendly as the operator is not exposed to inks and thinners. Also, closed cup machines mean less evaporation of thinners  and inks, thus saving on costs.

Precision made without the hefty price tag!

Our machines are one of the best manufactured machines currently on the market. Every part is precision made to give you accuracy. Each machine is designed to give you a lifetime of service. Spare and support are readily available from us should they be required.

Please note: Due to continual product development, design and colour of machines may change without any prior notice. Our products are sold on this understanding.

You deserve quality and a healthy working environment

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Ink Cup sizes available in:-
55mm, 70mm, 82mm, 90mm,
110mm, 140mm, 180mm, 200mm.

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