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Did you know that you can now make your own water washable polymer plates which will last for 1000’s of prints?

We can now offer you a choice of plate makers for making your own polymer plates (also known as Cliches) for a fraction of the cost you would normally pay someone else to make.

We have heard of others paying upto £70.00 for a small plate to an outside agency - however, with our plate makers, you can make , for example, a 200mm x 100mm plate for less than £3.75+VAT - and within 15-20 minutes!

Making your plates not only saves you money and time - but also allows you to turnaround those jobs in a faction of the time.

We often hear of companies who make or import certain products and they then wish to personalise them with their customers logos in short runs. This is where our pad printers and low cost plate makers have really benefited such companies.

We supply basic exposure units to those with built in vacuum for greater definition. Our basic exposure units start from as a little as £175.00+VAT and our larger exposure units with vacuum sell for as little as £582.50+VAT.

We believe this is a small price to pay for convenience and cost savings.

UV Exposure Units
(Plate/Cliche Makers)

From just



Plate (Cliche)

What else would I require?

In addition to a Plate Maker of your choice, you will also require the following items:-

1) Transparency Film for creating artwork using a laser printer.
2) Screen Tint (The cost of this would depend on the size of your plate to be exposed).
3) Blank Plates/Cliches (The cost of this would depend on the size of your machine but could be around £3.75+Vat each.
4) Washout Brush £7.50+VAT
5) A choice of pads (The cost would be about £35.00+VAT per pad but maybe a little more for larger pads).  Pads can be     reused over and over again and will last many years if looked after.
6) A choice of inks/colours. We keep a few basic colours in stock here - others are available to order from our recommend       suppliers. You will also require suitable Thinners to thin the ink down with.

Perhaps you should allow an extra £250.00 - £300.00+VAT for these types of accessories to go with your machine. We can give you a more precise figure when we have a better idea of your exact needs.

Optional Compressors

If you already have suitable compressors, then you do not of course need to purchase one.
However, if you do require a compressor, we can assist. We  can supply compressors as
either standard or  the silent version as used in dentistry.

We will match a suitable compressor to go with your machine and can quote you
accordingly on request.

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